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Technical SEO Hacks Simplified

Technical SEO Consultation

Incorporate Technical SEO to enrich websites for both users and search engines. All the crucial aspects required for present-day sites and web applications. A Complete structure audit of your website and on-site SEO.

Site Redesign Consultation

Looking to redesign, rebrand, or merge your domains? Always remember to have a robust Technical SEO approach in mind. Get the required consultation about every stage of the migration process over here.

International Consultation

For your business to operate well in international markets, your website structure needs to be perfect for search engines. Get the best SEO strategies for your website to gain a stronghold in particular countries.

Link Audit Services

To reach higher on Google search, you need backlinks. Manage your backlinks smartly with our knowledge-driven approaches. Removal of Toxic Backlinks and Complete Backlink audits.

Website Migrations Consultation

Looking to redesign, rebrand, or merge your domains? Always remember to have a robust Technical SEO approach in mind.

Get the required consultation about every stage of the migration process over here.

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SEO Audit

To gain more clarity on SEO and to get an action plan for proven results, you need to do your website’s audit. Audit your website now and benefit from it for a long period.

You need to properly optimize and structure your landing pages if you want Google search robots to crawl them well. To do this, you need a proper Information Architecture and Website Structure. Combined with SEO, this can surge your website traffic.

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SEO Audit
eCommerce SEO
Enterprise SEO
On-page Audit

I’ve personally audited more then thousands of website for SEO perspective. Talk about H1, Meta Tags and much more.


Are you sure you’re on-site SEO is better then your competitors? Let the experienced SEO consultant decide what needs to be done!

Keyword Placement

Do you know how important is to have proper keyword placement? Make it natural and readable for the users.


Search Engines would love your website if you have a better CTR, lower bounce rate. It signifies a better user behaviour and a user friendly approach.

Enhanced Conversion Tracking

Do you know that conversion data can be improper? Are you tracking accurate results for metrics like Indirect sales?

Optimized Products & Categories

Do you want to rank your ecommerce website for products and categories? Does your currect SEO Consultant tells you lame story? Let me help with it!

Improved Conversion Rates

You can be assured of improved conversion rates. Unlike other SEO consultants, you’ll get a detailed report on Action items of things to take care about.

Accurate User Journeys

Understand user journey on your website, create user life cycle reports. Based on facts take appropriate measure to improve the ROI.

Site Architecture

Does your website has 1+ Million Pages/Products? Moving to a different Technology with a big website? Know the exact things to take care about!

15000+ Keywords to Rank

Sounds true! Yes, you can rank 15000+ keywords if you can do it right. Proper content marketing and link baiting can help you achieve it.

SEO Traffic

Having millions of pages doesn’t mean you’ll get millions of hits. Get a detailed report of To-do-list for action!

Penalty Recovery

Was your company site ranking well prior? Do you think your current SEO vendor has made a blunder? Contact me, and I’ll tell you the FACT’s.

Toxic Link Checks

Do you know poor quality toxic link can harm your website rankings? Are you sure the SEO consultant you hired did a good job?

Quality Link Building

Every digital marketer talks about quality. If so, then why 95% of the digital marketers fails? It’s all about creating compelling content and asking people to link.

Anchor Text

Does your website profile look natural? Can your website sit all along there for next 20 years? A complete Anchor text profile check!

Editorial Backlinks

Every backlink that’s received by our customers are like a Jewel. I can proudly say we don’t built links, we build content that attracts links. 🙂

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